Clay Wires are a mid- and northern-Michigan band specializing in funky, kaleidoscopic jams.  The core of the group consists of Matt Borghi (guitar and vocals), Alex Riesenbeck (keys and percussion), and Will Jurkiewicz (drums and electronics), and they augment their lineup with popular Michigan performers from various genres so that their music always sounds new, dynamic, and exciting.  By exploring collaboration, improvisation, and harmony, Clay Wires offers the world proof that good things happen when creative people face challenges together.   Clay Wires’ focus on adaptability means that they can enhance any venue, from low-volume coffee houses playing as an acoustic duo or trio, to festival stages playing as an electric big band.   Their focus on working with guest stars means that they draw their own fans and the guest artist’s fans together for an exciting audience experience, since people can hear their favorite local artists play in a unique context.

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The Musicians:

Alex Riesenbeck has played keys and drums for countless Northern Michigan favorites, including The Marsupials, Not Quite Canada, The Chris Michels Band, Distant Stars, The Urban Sturgeons, and the Beatles tribute band Dig a Pony.

Will Jurkiewicz has drummed for 1,000 Watt Prophets, Rhett DuCouer, Joy Decision, The Duh, The Legendary Arthur White, Delicious Bass, The Elevator Conspiracy, Ken Mikolowski, and dozens of other Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and northern Michigan bands and Artists.

Matt Borghi is an East Lansing-based singer/songwriter and ambient guitarist. His music been featured on Echoes, Music from the Hearts of Space, NPR, BBC and CBC . Matt’s also recorded under the pseudonyms, Manitou and Olagra. Matt has recorded for many record labels, including: Ghostly International, Hypnos Recordings, Valley View Records, Slobor Media and many more.

Clay Wires is based in Traverse City, Michigan Core Line-Up Includes: Contributing members, include: