This is a page of archive and artifacts from the 9/30/2022 Clay Wires Workshop Brewery show in Traverse City, Michigan.

Table document – Left on tables to give listeners a contextual reference point for the performance:

About Clay Wires

There is no roadmap. We don’t know what to expect and we don’t have a plan. We have different views, different approaches, different styles-we haven’t even met half these people, and yet we must work as one. We have never done this before, and we won’t get to do it again. We are on trial, and we will be judged. We have to make something true, good, and beautiful-something meaningful-and we barely have any time to do it. Every moment counts. Ifwe succeed, everyone wins. If we fail, everyone loses.

To Clay Wires, the stage draws the existential crisis in which we all live into high resolution and dynamic tension. We compose all our music spontaneously with an ever-shifting lineup of musicians from contrasting musical backgrounds. We intentionally risk failure and musical incompatibility, or even just a dry well of ideas at every show. Many members of any given lineup have never made music together or have even met each other before. None ofus get to cling to any of the things that make a band feel prepared other than our ears, our abilities, and our willingness to support each other.

Why would a musical project willingly take on such a challenging approach to music? In a word, hope. Our culture constantly faces cruelty and division in the face of the uncertainty and fear of the moment. The demands of the moment and the necessity of moving forward overwhelm us. We get stuck in an us-versus-them mindset, when really, it’s all ofus against the clock. As musicians, we believe in the power of people to adorn time rather than be conquered by it. As artists, we assert an optimistic view about the unforeseeable possibilities vulnerability and cooperation can create. And as adults, we know that the responsibilities of each moment must be faced as honestly and completely as possible with the best resources we can provide it.

We thank you for your openness to an evening of adventurous music and hope that you will .share in the inspiration and catharsis our moment together offers.

Tonight’s line-up features:

Matt Borghi: guitar and vocals
Ernesto Gomez: tape loops
Alex Riesenbeck: keys
John Paul: bass
Will Jurkiewicz: drums

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*Tonight’s music is dedicated to the memories 0f Susan Krolik and Pharoah Sanders.

Scan of Original Here.

Videos of Performance

How can artists create music that speaks to the struggle of our age? For Clay Wires, the answer is to confront it on stage. Five people: some strangers, some friends, all from different backgrounds and groups. All equally dependent on the self and the other. No plan or proven model of how to make this work—just a need. Spontaneous, improvised group composition. A brief moment to adorn. A calling to create something new and beautiful before it’s too late. Nothing to rely on but experience, skill, grace, ears, and each other. A quest to transcend the noise. Incompatibility is not an option. We all fail or we all succeed. Hope for what is possible.




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